trail mix
Cotton Tail Trail Mix

I learned a long time ago that busy hands are happy hands. Because Easter and our school’s spring break usually fall in the same week, we keep a bin full of crafts…

oatmeal pies
Oatmeal Pies

When my children were small, we spent a lot of time outside in the summer. There were a lot of kids in our neighborhood and they would all make their way down…

Update Your App Today!

The Now Find Family of Apps is proud to announce our latest release! We have lots of new features, bug fixes and of course, even more product updates to make it even…

whoopie pies
Whoopie Pies

This St. Patrick’s Day, we are celebrating together with family and friends. I am in charge of desserts, so as a family, we decided that one of the allergy friendly treats that…

shamrock cupcakes
Shamrock Cupcakes

St. Patrick’s Day is a favorite food holiday in our home. Corned beef and cabbage, boiled new potatoes, Irish Soda Bread and all sorts of desserts. It is the kids job to…

corned beef hash
Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

The concept of “hash” dishes came about after World War I, when meat was not abundant. Potatoes, onions, root vegetables and spice made for a filling meal when food was scarce. Skillets…

basil popcorn
Basil Popcorn

This is the snack that my husband reaches for when the evening allows us time to relax and watch movies. This basil popcorn is deliciously savory and a relief from sweet desserts.…

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